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Initiate Knit Design

Learn to Create Your Own Knitwear Designs with Confidence!

This FREE 10 day challenge will guide you through the process of creating your own knitwear designs that you'll feel proud about and want to share with the fiber community!

The challenge starts in...


Are You Ready to Create Your Own Magic?

You're a passionate fiber lover, stealing each spare moment you have knitting or dreaming of your next knit. 

You live and breathe for the transformative process of taking two sticks and string and creating something absolutely magical.

But now you want to add your special touch to the process, inserting your own magic into this transformation. Maybe you find yourself motivated to design something based of a memory, a personal experience or another source of inspiration...

And maybe even... publish these creations with the fiber community at large!

However, fear, self-doubt and confusion are holding you back from taking the action necessary to create your own knitwear designs. Where do you start? What steps do you take? What information is needed? How do you ensure your pattern is well-written? And most importantly, how to find the confidence to share your work with the fiber community?

This is what this challenge is all about. It's making you take action. I'll support you through this journey, guiding you through my design methodology, providing you with the encouragement you need to boost your confidence and creativity, while you discover that YES you CAN transform your yarn into unique creations that you'll want to share with the fiber community!

This is your initiation to knitwear design!

Here's How The Challenge Will Go...

An Email Will Be Sent Out Every Two Days

The challenge will guide you through the designing process right up to the pattern writing stage. 

The challenge is comprised of a five-part email series sent out every other day, giving you two days to complete each step of the challenge and really dive deep into the designing process.

Tune In on Facebook Live

Come join us in the Facebook Group, Transform Your Yarn, where I'll be live-streaming every day of the challenge to provide some insight and tips into the designing process, give you more inspiration, answer questions and provide feedback.

Post Your Progress Online

Post images of your progress to the Facebook Group or to Instagram using the #initiateknitdesign to hold yourself accountable and to encourage and support other participants too!

Participants who complete the challenge will be entered into a drawing to receive FREE and FULL access to my signature e-course on knitwear design, Swatch Studio.

How This Challenge Helped Designers Find Their Magic

"[The challenge] gave me a framework and a timeline that gave me exactly the push I needed to get started. I learned so much from the process. My first design didn't get too much attention on Ravelry, but I didn't really expect it to. I'm still learning and now I have five published designs, one of which has been downloaded over 5000 times!

The other fantastic part of the challenge was the advice and support from both Frenchie, and the members of the group.

But, best of all, the challenge gave me the push to engage the creative part of my brain that knitting someone else's pattern doesn't. It made me feel engaged and purposeful. I loved the process and the satisfaction and pride that comes with the successful completion of a project!"

- Cathy Lewis with her design "Silver Birch"

"I took the challenge and loved every minute of it! Before the challenge, I was unsure of my knitting and design skills. I have sold my finished convertible mittens and things for the last five years and have dabbled a bit in design, but nothing compared to what I am doing now. 

After the challenge, I was confident enough to not just dabble in design and have created 16 of my own designs (7 for magazine submissions - one chosen for publication so far, 3 for my favorite yarn company - something I never would have applied for prior to the challenge, and the rest for me). My first experience with publishing my pattern was awesome thanks to the lovely testers who were patient with me while I learned. I now have two designs published on Ravelry that are a direct result of my having participated in the challenge. I was even confident enough with my experience that I have purchased better charting software and am stepping further out of my comfort zone to approach other yarn companies and to submit more designs. I still have to complete the samples for a few of my designs, but have found that the more I knit and crochet, the more my creativity flows."

- Kristina Rene with her design "Golden Springs Shawl"

"I loved the challenge! I knew nothing about designing and was scared to try, but the step by step approach (and community!) of the challenge definitely helped me push past those fears and experiment with ideas. Now I LOVE to design and always have a new design project in mind. I felt very empowered after the challenge and confident in publishing my first two patterns (and I'm about to publish two more!) The challenge opened up a whole new world for me!"

- Betsy Quillen with her upcoming design, "It is Well"

"I loved the challenge. It took me past the insecurity of not being a "real" designer, and showed me other things I could use as inspiration. I'm still test knitting that design (laceweight and other pretties keep popping up), and have another design currently on the needles, with more in my head to be released."

- Glenda Knits

Join the FREE Challenge - don't miss out on this opportunity to learn how to take your creativity to the next level! 

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